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Worked today on the witch & vampire series and found some very interesting facts to tie in. I have moved Azmeth from the Yucatan and onto a pirate ship. He ends up captaining the ship and is notorious for taking down Spanish gold ships before they can reach the Florida or I should say Carlos coast. He amasses a trove of treasure for himself and his men before he hands over the reigns to his first mate. I have spent hours digging through ship logs and finding just the right ships to make the list for the time period I have him moving in. This part has been so interesting I found myself sucked up in just reading about these ships and their crews. Which ones have been found and which of the ones Azmeth will be attacking, are still in unknown locations. Next I will try to find some online video’s of some of the recovery as I am very interested in seeing the underwater scene before it is touched. Cross your fingers for me that I am able to find at least one out there, this has kind of become my own secret treasure hunt. Searching for historical facts and evidence I can actually see with my own eyes. That is all I have at the moment for an update, I have to get back to finding, MY treasure all my best to you all.

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In my research today and deciding what to integrate, I ran into some more extremely interesting facts. I mentioned before the Spanish invasion, that was set forth by the powers in Cuba back in the 1500’s. Did you know that there were 3 major forces sent to the Yucatan, to conquer the Mayan’s over a span of 60 years? Outside of those 3 major run ins, there were around a hundred documented uprisings from the Mayan’s, can’t really blame them. In total it took nearly 170 years for the Spanish to fully claim the Yucatan…170 years! Oddly enough the same thing happened in the Yucatan as did in Browning Montana. The smallpox epidemic was imported in, on purpose, to thin out the population. That single point is a huge tie in factor between my 2 series of books, from completely different genres. In the book of Raven and crossing over into Bear & Sparrow, the English imported smallpox to the Blackfoot tribes in Browning. Thousands perished and the tribes were never able to recover their numbers. Soon after, the English tried to force the tribes onto a sectioned off piece of land, Browning Reservation. The same thing happened in the Yucatan by the Spanish, some 400 years before Browning. A horrendous part of history that did in fact repeat itself. I will weave this into the storyline of both genres, as depressing as history is sometimes, I think the readers will find it exciting to see the link formed. I am excited about writing it, as I really like to have a story filled with a ton of facts but the main core storyline, complete fiction.
The time-line I have drafted out works out great, once Azmeth leaves the Yucatan and moves across the gulf…he lands on Carlos. We know it currently as Miami Florida, but back in the 1500’s, it too was invaded by the Spanish and taken from the Seminole Indians. So as Azmeth ventures out from his world, he finds the same thing happening everywhere he lands. Making him the expert of his time, on just how to deal with these intruders, thanks to Ah Puch the Mayan Blood God that is.

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Been working on a jungle scene for this book, not as easy as it sounds when you have never seen a jungle.  I have been researching animals, insects, plants…well everything there is on the jungle location I am writing.  Finding out a lot of interesting facts in doing all this research.  Also integrating some Mayan words into the storyline as well, at least the readers will learn different languages while reading my books.

I am about to get to the heart of how and why, Azmeth was changed into a Vampire.  The “who” that changed him is going to be significant to him, and although it will make him feared by all Mayans, it will be useful later on.  Without saying too much, he becomes to the Mayan’s, the deliverer of justice from a revered god they worship.  After a major invasion settles, he decides to move on out into the rest of the world around him, instead of staying and being an outcast of his people.

Interesting turn I have not read before.  A vampire that is a hero and not generally seen by those who know him as something dark and blood thirsty.  Instead he is praised for his actions, at least until his face to face meeting with, Ayianna Rain.

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So much research is going into the trilogy of Azmeth Blaze, it can make your head spin. Due to the time that the first books starts, I want to incorporate a great deal of fact. It was a time in the world where passages to the orient and what we now know as the United States, was being hit on just about every coast by the Spanish. I am pulling into the storyline Juan Ponce de Leon, the Spaniard that claimed Florida as his own. I was able to stumble onto some of the old maps from the early 1500’s. I know that things change over time, and the names of places that I know are so far from the original given name. The tip of Florida used to be called Carlos. Juan not only claimed Florida but in claiming what land was his, he sprawled out along the belly of the United States. I am pulling in Hernando de Soto, whom is said to have inspired a whole new breed of Spanish explorers. The discoveries he made, even in the most brutal way to the natives of the land, inspired others to find ways to the Orient.

I knew by looking at the map that the quickest way from the Yucatan peninsula to Florida, was in fact from point to point. What I didn’t know is that it is roughly only 500 miles across the gulf between the two. I also didn’t know that in the Gulf of Mexico has what is known as the “Grand Canyon” of the gulf. There is a crater shaped gulch in the bottom of the gulf, that has depths measured at some 12,000 feet down. I am not really a history type person, although because of the way I write my story lines, I am quickly becoming one. I think now that I am older and my brain is not being forced to learn the stuff and recall it in an instant for a test, things are different. I now find this stuff interesting as I layer all the facts of people, happenings and the times, around my storyline. I am hoping that my readers take away more than just a story with each of my books. A sense of history and startling factual information that they didn’t know before. I know that I am learning a lot, and some is a refresher of what I learned in ancient times, long ago when I was in school. Either way for the last two days I have traveled roughly 80 years in time. I have learned a great deal and found some wonderfully colorful people to add. I am excited to move through the next 80 years of time, to see who and what I find there. Creeping my way across the United States and exploring the years is fun. I think the most thrilling part is, when you are searching for a map and you find it, seeing just how far we truly have come.

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This is the second book in the Raven series, Historical Romance.  Bear is the Chief’s son of a large Blackfoot tribe, younger brother of Raven.  For years Bear and Sparrow have kept their love hidden from their tribes, she is Sarsi.  They are young lovers crossing over into adulthood, trying their best to respect their tribes traditions but finding it increasingly difficult to control their hearts.  After the eve of Bear’s ceremony elevating him from brave to full blown warrior, he finds his heart in turmoil.  His love for Sparrow is unshakable, although the visions from his smoke journey, leaves him questioning their entire future.

Bear and Sparrow is more than half completed at this time.  Little do they know at this point, their lives are about to take a turn for the worse.  How bad?  You will have to check back to find out just what they have to survive.

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I have toyed with the idea for a little over a year now about writing a Gothic series of books.  I am happy to report that I am no longer playing with that idea.  As of today I have officially started book one.  I have created an extremely strong male lead and the female is every bit as powerful, in her own rite.  Oddly enough, I have found a common thread in all of the series books I am writing.  From Sagarun, I have brought a descendant into the world of Raven, the historical romance books.  From Raven I pulled a descendant and put her as the lead in my new Gothic series.

So for any of you that read my books as they are available, you will find a female from each book crossing over into the next series.  I thought I would let you all in on that interesting little fact.  Bringing a character from the fantasy genre, into historical romance and finally landing in the new Gothic series will be a fun task.  I hope you enjoy our journey together as I create this new series of books.  Hold on, this is going to be a fast paced ride!

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This is a wonderful book that is set for publication in the fall of 2011, making its way through editing at this moment.  The first book of a four book series about Blackfoot Indians in the late 1800’s in Montana during the major gold rush of Bannack.  This is a historical western romance that I very much enjoyed writing, maybe due to the fact that I am a quarter Blackfoot myself.  Bannack National Park, was very helpful with map copies from that era I was writing on, as well as many historical facts and some legends.  Another great help was the Blackfoot reservation in Browning Montana and its rich history and trials over the years.

Above all Raven is a winning romance story at the heart.  Woven in a web of the territory and era historical facts, including American figures and western legends that some claim helped form the United States.  A  soul shaking love grows in the plains, trying to survive  savage prairies, and rugged mountains of our great Montana, where beauty blossoms every season of the year.

Tomaz Mrevlje will be the Graphic Designer for all my covers, and our talks for this book have gone extremely well.  I can’t wait to see how he brings what I see in my mind to life yet again.

As the publication date is still up in the air, I will have to post closer to the launch but you can be sure that I will post it for you.

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