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Here is a wonderful book for little ones, something that has bounced around in their head at some point or another.  This story is fun, tasty and sticky sweet.

One evening a storm brewed over a small town in Maine, mysterious clouds of  light colors swirled above.  The town folk would never have imagined in a hundreds years what this storm would bring, except one little boy.  He wished with all of his might for the perfect storm, candy of all sorts falling from the sky.  In the end with the town covered in sweet colors and the smell of cookies in the air, everyone returned to their childhood.  People of all ages, big and small enjoyed the candy storm.  The lesson to everyone is that no matter how long ago, your age or size, wishes do come true.

I took the time to re-write this story as well as the penguins, after the house fire and breath new life into them.  Another project that I will be working very closely with Tomaz on.  I have a great feeling that the art in this book will be stellar, after all wasn’t it your dream at some point, to have a tree of bubble gum or icicle candy canes…

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Years ago I wrote two fun children books and did so just for my kids.  You know, the stories you make up to tell them before they go to bed, when you have run through all their books over and over.  I made up two stories for them that I acted out a few times as their bedtime story.  They were such a big hit that my husband said, “Honey why don’t you write those down?”  I did, using Microsoft Publisher at the time, to turn them into little story books with the worst clip art pictures, which was not intentional.

Here we are a few years later, after a house fire where our family lost 100% of our belongings, I have re-written those two stories.  One is about a brother and sister penguin getting ready for a Christmas Festival for their town.  All the mishaps that go with a set of siblings and ultimately how they use their talents or lack there of to work together.  Very soon I will be handing the story over to Tomaz for his artistic view on how the book with illustrations, should be laid out.  I’m sure I will be working with him very closely and our finished story and look will not only be very child friendly…but appealing to adults as well.  After all it is not just the child that dreams, we adults need to make more time to dream and enjoy the little things.

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