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Last time I spoke to you all on this endeavor I was gathering my notes. I have gone far and beyond that stage ūüėČ From my best guess I should have this book completely ready for editing in the next 2 weeks. Reading back through some of the things my children have done over the years, has been very entertaining for me. Also, it has brought up even more times that I had forgotten. I have added several features to this book layout as well as your normal story to read. In the back of the book will be several goodies for parents to further enjoy. Items such as: a membership card, certificate and application for our future little daters. After some thought, I chose to break the contents of the book down into “phases”. A break from the normal “chapter” you are used to seeing. I feel that when talking about children you have to take into account their phases. And, so that is how the layout is written. Once the editing process begins I will be updating this section of the blog with excerpts from the book. Our wonderful Lorna will also be posting her review in, “Lorna’s Review Corner” after editing is complete. She is also a mother and will be able to relate to a lot of the contents, which I am sure most of you will be able too as well. Until then, parents stay strong, stand your ground and have that chilled glass of wine not WHINE ūüėČ

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Over the years, my seven kids have done some outrageous stuff, and I have documented almost all of it in some form or another.  From bacon grease in the hair, to painting with peanut butter, they have done it all.  Currently I am gathering all the stories, warnings of parenthood that I have, and am compiling them into book form.  I know that we all have gone through things with our children, nobody in their right mind would ever believe.  I think those moments are more than worth documenting, as well as sharing with other parents at their wits end.  If nothing else, my stories of parenthood will either; let others know they are not alone or make their little terrors seem like angels, compared to what my kids have done.

I am not sure how long it will take me to compile my information as my kids are doing new crazy and wacky things every day.¬† This could be a multiple book at this rate.¬†¬† I will be sure to keep you updated on my story gathering progress, until then…just know that you are not alone!¬† There are hundreds of thousands of us nail biting, bald spot sporting, nerve racked and sleep deprived parents behind you, cheering that you make it through yet another day.

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