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Everyday dose of Reality

There are times that you have to dare to be different or in my case wake my family up when they raid the fridge.  I went to bake something the other day and my eggs were all gone, so I took matters into my own hands.  Funny how a Sharpie marker can change a person’s life and egg count.


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Projects & Recipes

Time to get your eggnog on folks.

What you will need:

2 eggs

3T. sugar

2 1/3c. milk

1t. vanilla

nutmeg or cinnamon

Doing the deed: 

Gently beat the 2 eggs, add sugar, milk and vanilla and shake vigorously or blend in a blender.  Pour in a glass and add a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon on top depending on your taste.  Kick back and enjoy.


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Everyday dose of Reality

That’s right, the laying hens are up to par so I can start selling their eggs.  I am now offering farm fresh brown, blue & green chicken eggs and my favorite for baking, duck eggs.  Over the last two days I have been working on my sign to go out by the road.  For those of you who don’t know yet, I can’t draw nor can I print very well.  This project was made out of old wood we had laying around out in the garage, great little project to recycle some old wood pieces.  Doing the sign wasn’t too bad, but I am pretty high right now.  Today I have been mixing my fumes, and yes I was outside.  Being outside didn’t seem to phase the chemical cloud I was immersed in.  Once the spray paint, outdoor wood paint & polyurethane wears off I hope to be able to think and see straight.

So…if you are local to me, stop on buy to see my sign and while you are here get yourself some fresh eggs.

Side 1

Side 2 of the sign. I gave it a base that is held down with rocks for a good reason. When Macgyver plows snow he can just move the sign out of the way.


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Projects & Recipes

Here is a way to cook eggs to make everyone happy.  In one pan you can do over easy, topped with all the likes and keeping out all the stuff that one single person hates.  A cupcake tin is your new breakfast making best friend!

If you have a newer pan great! If you have a worked over muffin tin like I have, rub the pockets with a little olive oil. Crack and egg into each spot.

In our house, some of the kids like scrambled eggs and some don’t. So, half of our tin was poked with a fork and stirred a bit.

Some of the kids like ham with their eggs and some don’t. Top row is for the onion hater & the child that doesn’t like meat with his eggs.

Some like cheese and some don’t. Cooking eggs this way, really makes it easy when you have dislikes and likes. Next you pop the tray into a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for roughly 10 to 12 minutes. Each oven is different so I would suggest checking the eggs at 10 minutes.

Once done grab a table spoon and go around the edge of the egg to pop out of the tin. Slice some fruit or toast and breakfast is served. And…served just the way THEY like it. Enjoy!





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Everyday does of Reality

Today while dropping off some clothing for Peggy’s granddaughter, her husband put a burlap bag in the truck.  Chase, our son stayed with Steve and his grandson to catch a rooster.  Seems Ms. Peggy hatched a few last year and this year with the hot summer, every time she opens her windows to cool the house down the flock of roosters are having a party out in the pen.  As normal parties go, as well as most young men, the group of roosters are as loud as all get out.  She told Chase to catch a few and he can take them home.  Since we live in an old school built of concrete and brick, all that racket won’t bother us.

Yep, I had a rooster in a burlap bag in my truck.  I was told his name Chase gave him was Rocky.  Chase asked if he could stay for a while and catch another rooster.  I said sure why not, but the limit is 2!

When I first let him loose in the yard with the ladies, all 29 of them…Rocky was strutting around for all he was worth.  Minnie the duck and her gang of 3 females & 2 male Khaki Campbell ducks was not having it.  As much as Minnie is a big lovey girl, she also thinks she is a rooster.  The fact she lays an egg every day has not phased her in the slightest.  Minnie took her gang, which I have named the chicken coop “Minnie’s Clubhouse”, and circled Rocky.  Now I don’t know about the chickens down at Ms. Peggy’s but my ladies don’t take crap from our dogs, they sure are taken any from strutting cocky Rocky.  Minnie and gang circled him in a corner while Gloria, the head laying hen in charge strutted out of the coop.  Her bodyguard Sable was all puffed up and stretching her wings, she is the biggest girl out there.  They walked up to the circle of guard ducks and Minnie was quacking up a storm with her feathers ruffled.  Gloria joined in and started giving Rocky a good yelling.  I’m willing to bet, those ladies out there were laying down some firm ground rules.  Funny thing was, Gloria walked away, followed by Minnie and her gang, heading back to the coop.  Big ole girl, Sable gave Rocky the stare down for almost 30 seconds.  She turned, lifted her tail feathers and dropped a load of poo, and strutted her way back to the coop.  Rockey better watch his step, I’ve done the math and he is sorely outnumbered and them ladies mean business.

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Projects & Recipes

What does a handbag, purse or canvas bag say about a person?  I know what mine says, “I’m crazy and I recycle”.  However, I am not alone, because my farming Yoda, Peggy wants one too.  I whipped together a chicken feed bag to carry all the eggs I will be getting this fall from our new chickens.  Oh yeah baby, Layena is how I roll.

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Projects & Recipes

Ah the Frittata. I started making it by accident believe it or not.  Then again if you have read some of the section titled “Everyday dose of reality”, you can believe it. For those of you new to the Frittata or haven’t tried making one, you should.  It is the same thing as scrabbled eggs for the most part.  The difference is,  instead of moving it around the pan during cooking and ending up with fluffy pieces, you don’t move it at all.  Pour in the whisked and seasoned to taste eggs into the pan.  Cook on a slightly lower heat,you don’t want the bottom to burn or cook too fast.  Cover the pan and let the eggs cook roughly half way. Add ham and fruit or cheeses, put the lid back on to cook the rest of the way.  It is done when it has the texture of scrambled eggs.  This is basically an egg pizza and I’m sure the foodies around the world are gasping with that statement.  To the normal everyday person, it is basically an egg pizza.  Be experimental, try blue cheese with sliced strawberries, something you normally wouldn’t try you might be surprised.

To really bring out the flavor in a simply slice and toss fruit salad.  Warm up a table spoon of honey or teaspoon for a small salad, and drizzle over.  Gently toss and enjoy.  The warm honey gets the juices of the other fruit moving and on a slightly chilly Spring morning a warm fruit salad sure is yummy.

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Everyday dose of Reality

It is Friday and I can already tell by the way it is shaping up, it’s going to be a heck of a day.  Woke up to a child standing over me covered in vomit, ah you have to love mornings like that.  There is no other reality check for a parent than a child plastered head to toe with puke, to confirm the love you have for your child.  Next was, Hyper Minnie wanting hard boiled eggs. Ever have one of those moments totally unplanned when you are rushing around?  For example, you are half awake mashing the crap out of the power button on the coffee maker, while pulling a Fruit Loop from someones nose, pet the pushy dog with a foot, and keep breathing with a five year old squeezing your waist until you see spots and feel light headed.  Then another little person comes and asks for something like boiled eggs, as you are trying to make your way out the door to do stuff in the yard.

This is my morning so far and it is only 9:34 am.  I threw the eggs on a whim and out the door I went with my regularly planned list in my head.  The result was an hour later, Isabelle FRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRReaking out in the kitchen. I remember when the home microwave hit the market and Sears was the first one in my area to sell the magical box. With your brand spanking new microwave came a book.  In this handy dandy book of recipes, there was a page that explained how to make scrambled eggs in the microwave.  Several egg-citing explosions and rubbery egg glued to the microwave later, I got the hang of it.  This morning I had a flashback to my microwave eggs.  Did you know…if you leave eggs to boil in water long enough to evaporate all the water, not only do the egg shells burn, once hot enough the EXPLODE? Yeah, welcome to my morning. Fruit Loop or egg anyone?

I was able to get some range with the eggs. The blast radius was about 4 feet in diameter.

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Everyday dose of Reality

A few days ago we decided to grill out for dinner and the kids wanted deviled eggs.  I love the eggs but hate peeling them and let me just tell you store bought are NOT the same as farm fresh.  Store bought eggs peel pretty damn easy and I know this because I bought eggs up until last fall.  Some of you regulars will remember when I bought our chicks and raised them in to the Cluckette’s they are today.  We won’t re hash their lack of egg laying desire at first and the levels I went to encouraging them.

For those of you who have never had farm fresh eggs, you really are missing out.  The flavor is so much better, yokes are creamier and richer.  And if you own laying hens, toss in a duck or two as well.  Duck eggs are THE BEST in the world for baking.  Everything comes out moist!  The downfall of fresh eggs would be they are impossible to peel.  I mean you can peel them but it looks like you have done so with a weed whacker.

I was at weather.com the other day while putting on my best egg peeling procrastination hat, and I found the strangest thing.  One of the news feeds was this video of a guy boasting a magic egg trick and no peeling.  I gave it a look see and it works on store bought eggs (a friend via facebook was stoked about the video I posted and he tried it out).  Sadly it does not work on fresh eggs and I know this because hyper Minnie Mouse had to hand my left eyeball back to me.  Was I really going to be stuck with my grandma’s old trick of just cutting the egg in half length wise?  Sure it works but sometimes you end up with tiny shell piece you have to try to wash away.  Also, what if you want a whole boiled egg and not half for deviled egging it?

An idea hit me like a freight train and for those of you who have never tried any of these three methods, let me explain them.

*blowing the egg out: in your water you boil the egg in add a teaspoon of baking soda, helps release the egg from the shell. Ice bath/cold water afterward like normal.  Next take your egg and crack both ends and peel away just the end, then hold to your mouth and blow. The egg will pop right out of the shell into your hand.

*Halfing the egg: My grandma was an interesting woman, whom I am more like than anyone else on the planet, loved her eggs and loathed the shells.  She would say, “I’m just cutting the sucker in half with a knife, a good knife can cut through anything”.  Boil the egg, lay in a cool ice bath.  Once that is done cut the egg in half length wise.  Next take a teaspoon and slip the tip between the egg and shell at one end and the egg pops up. No fuss no muss.

Then there is my method.

*Crystal Rayne farm fresh peeling: boil the egg and add the teaspoon of baking soda or table salt works just the same Mr. egg blowing man in the video. Ice bath the eggs like normal. Next crack each end and peel away just the ends.  Take a tablespoon and slide the tip into the end and with the spoon follow the curve of the egg from one end to the other. The back of the spoon breaks the shell while the inside of the spoon sort of cradles the egg and it breaks free easy peasy squeezy.  No hacked up farm eggs anymore!

One of these methods will work for you and if you have an issue with all three, well, there is always a hammer.

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Projects & Recipes


This is a pretty simple breakfast and quick to make.  My kids have always loved it.  I grew up with it by two different names.  One was “the boyscout breakfast” and the other was “bird in a nest”.

What you’ll need:

1 glass


1 piece  of bread

salt & pepper, jelly

Doing the Deed:

Lay out your piece of bread on a hard surface.  Take your glass and center it on the bread and press.  Twist the glass in circles to cut a opening in the bread.  Remove the small bread circle and lightly butter each side, as well as, the frame of bread.

On medium heat in a frying pan lay your bread frame and crack an egg in the hole.  Salt and pepper to taste, slowly frying and turning when needed.  Lay your circle of bread in the pan as well for a quick browning.  Once egg is cooked to liking serve on plate with jam for the small circle toast if desired.  Enjoy!

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