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I have this recipe for delish pumpkin bread that will bring you back to your happy place.  Or better known around here as “crack bread”, it is addicting.  This is a version for a bread machine, which I just love.

What you need:

1 & 1/2C. pumpkin puree – if canned 15oz.

1C. sugar

1 & 1/2t. baking powder

1/2t. baking soda

1/4t. salt

3/4t. cinnamon

1/4t. nutmeg

1/4t. ginger

3C flour


Doing the deed:

First take your bread pan and spray with cooking oil or grease down.  Get out a large bowl and dump all ingredients into it.  Mix as best as you can before you have to go caveman on it with your hands.  At some point you will have to use your hands and knead/mix together thoroughly.  Put dough in your greased bread pan and put in the bread machine.  Set for cake or quick bread.

Here is where things go over the edge for me, I make a glaze to pour on top of the pumpkin bread.  This is an eyeball thing and personal preference as to glaze or not and how thick.  I start with a small bowl, dump in about 1/2c. powder sugar, 1/4t. of vanilla and then milk as needed.  The kids like a super thick glaze that sticks to the bread, so I just work it until I have almost, glue.  How or if you do this step is totally up to you.

Pumpkin bread

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