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We have been making these Jolly Rancher suckers for years, and if you have little ones they will love making a rainbow.  These are super easy to make and very cool looking.

What you will need:

a bag of Jolly Rancher candies

sucker sticks or coffee stir sticks(that is what we used)

Doing the deed:

Pulled out a cookie sheet, cover it with parchment. Unwrap your Jolly Ranchers and lay 3 in a line.  Mix your colors and flavors some, don’t be shy. Put in and oven on 200 F for 10 minutes or so. They will melt into a stripped pool. Remove from the oven and then lay your stick in each pool.  let them cool completely and enjoy!

A tastey rainbow on a stick.

A tasty rainbow on a stick.

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